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Dust Bowl Great Depression Definition. Here are some interesting facts about the dust bowl: Dust bowl facts — facts about the dust bowl summary “dust bowl” is a term that was originally coined by associated press journalists to refer to the geographical area of the great plains in the usa and canada which was hit by violent dust storms in the 1930s, but is nowadays used to describe the whole event.

Vintage Photograph ++ March 1937. Scott's Run, West
Vintage Photograph ++ March 1937. Scott's Run, West from

The dust bowl intensified the wrath of the great depression. Written by lynette boone, university of oregon references. [citation needed]symptoms of dust pneumonia include high fever, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, and coughing.

Farmers could no longer grow crops as the land turned into a desert.

The dust bowl was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the american and canadian prairies during the 1930s; However, that didn’t help the land. This land, known as the dust bowl, became unfit for farming as the once fertile soil and dirt turned to dust. With insufficient understanding of the ecology of the plains.