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Caffeine In Coffee Vs Espresso. A darker roast, typically used in espressos, has lost a lot of the caffeine through roasting. But drip for drip you will have more caffeine in espresso.

Coffee and Tea (infographic) Tea infographic, Coffee tea
Coffee and Tea (infographic) Tea infographic, Coffee tea from

Most folks assume espresso to have more caffeine than drip coffee. Espresso hasn’t been much of a favorite because in most cases people only drink it in social settings. According to usda , there’s 63.3mg of caffeine in a shot of espresso, while according to the nca (those brilliant people over at the national coffee association) there can be anywhere from 75mg of caffeine to a staggering 165mg of caffeine in a single 8fl oz mug of coffee.

However, you need to keep serving sizes in mind.

The estimate provided by caffeine informer is a pretty good baseline, but the actual amount of caffeine depends on the roast and blend of coffee beans that you use.for example, there are many high caffeine. A standard 30ml shot of espresso has 60mg of caffeine, whereas a standard 240ml cup of brewed coffee has 96mg of caffeine. Caffeine content in drip coffee (8oz) vs espresso (1oz)* Since it is very easy to extract caffeine from coffee, so the more caffeine, use more ground coffee.